‘My cousin asked me to take care of her puppy but now I won’t give her back’

Anyone who has ever had a pet of their own knows how fast you can form a bond with an animal. It could take a month, it could take a week, or you could find yourself completely head over heels in love in the space of just 24 hours.

So, you can imagine how upsetting it would be to take care of an animal for two whole months, especially in the earlier stage of their life, only to be told you have to hand the beloved back over to someone else.

Sadly, that’s exactly what one woman claims happened to her when she agreed to take in a puppy her cousin adopted after the cousin was told she wasn’t allowed pets in her building.

“My cousin adopted a puppy called Delilah from a shelter around two months ago. At the time, she was living in an apartment complex that didn’t allow pets. My cousin was aware of this, but decided to get the dog anyway,” the anonymous 21-year-old woman wrote on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum.

But, just a few days after taking Delilah home, the cousin’s building found out about her, and she was told either the dog has to go, or she must move out. So, the cousin spoke to various different family members and asked if anyone would be willing to take the puppy in while she found a new place to live.

“Nobody was able to take in the dog so I offered to take her because I didn’t want the poor thing to go to the shelter,” the woman continued.

However, when she went to collect Delilah, the poor dog didn’t have any supplies, so she went straight to the shop and bought everything she would need; a collar, bed, new food, bowls, toys and more, all out of her own pocket.

“I am absolutely best friends with this dog, I love her more than anything. She is a quick learner and an absolute sweetheart. We’ve been on vet visits, I’ve been grooming her, spending my own money on everything she needs so I can take very good care of her,” the woman explained.

After several weeks of very little contact, the cousin got back in touch with the woman to tell her she had found a new place to live, but when the woman checked out the apartment, she saw that again, this building did not allow pets.

Then, two months later, the cousin finally says she is ready to take Delilah back, explaining she’s living with her boyfriend and his friends, who the woman says are “not a good crowd.”

“I didn’t think it was a good idea for Delilah to live there. I told my cousin that I was sorry but I felt uncomfortable sending Delilah there, and that I have been caring for her and spending all of my own money on her for two months and frankly, I wanted to keep her,” the woman explained.

“My cousin was disgusted with me and called me a lot of swear words which I will not be repeating. She hasn’t spoken to me since, but hasn’t made any attempt to get Delilah back either. I’ve been getting messages and calls from other cousins and aunts calling me a thief and saying I’m a horrible person.”

The woman went on to say that her cousin has a habit of adopting animals, only to return them to the shelter, which added to concerns when it came to potentially having to hand the dog back over to her cousin.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the woman was inundated with comments from fellow Reddit users telling her she should keep hold of Delilah for her own wellbeing, especially after her cousin has been so unreliable.

“It’s an ahole move to adopt an animal then dispose of it. It’s an ahole move to adopt and animal when you know you can’t have it. It’s an ahole move to dump that animal onto someone willing to help you and then expect them to front all of the money to take care of that animal. It’s an ahole move to try and take that animal somewhere it won’t be happy,” one Reddit user commented.

“The cousin should’ve been responsible, she wasn’t. There isn’t CPS for animals but if there was that cousin wouldn’t have that dog anyways.”

Fortunately, the woman later confirmed that she and her cousin both eventually agreed it would be best for Delilah if she stayed with her.

“I had a few talks with my cousin regarding all of my concerns and we both decided that the best option was me becoming the official owner of the dog. Delilah and I are both very happy,” she explained.

We do love a happy ending.