Matt LaFleur on Aaron Rodgers: “We want him back here”

A tumultuous three days for the Packers ended with coach Matt LaFleur meeting reporters. He was asked right out of the gates about the situation with quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

“I’d like to keep every conversation that Aaron and I have had up to this point between us,” LaFleur said. “I know the report’s out there. But this guy’s our quarterback, man. He’s our leader of our team. I want nothing more than to see him back in a Packer uniform. In my eyes, he’s the greatest to ever do it. I don’t care about Super Bowls or what not. But we want him back here.”

LaFleur then was asked the obvious question: What if that’s not what Rodgers wants?

“I can’t ever take my brain to that spot right now,” LaFleur said. “I just want to do everything in my power to ensure that doesn’t happen.”

LaFleur also said he can’t imagine Rodgers in a different uniform. Similar things have been said about other great players, however, and they have moved on.

The Packers apparently have been trying to do that, including multiple trips by the team’s brain trust to meet with Rodgers in California. To date, the issue hasn’t been resolved. There’s no indication that it will be.

Rodgers wants out, the Packers want him to stay. If one side or the other doesn’t blink, the question becomes whether Rodgers will show up, hold out, or retire.

The Packers have shown no inclination to give in. Many think they won’t. So what will Rodgers do?

Eventually, we’ll find out whether Rodgers will show up, if the Packers indeed won’t trade him. With four months left until Week One, there’s time. But the weeks will move quickly, and training camp will be here soon. Unless the Packers trade Rodgers (or, apparently, fire General Manager Brian Gutekunst), Rodgers will have to decide whether to find a way to set his feelings aside, to play for the Packers for another year, and to then try to engineer a path to a new team in 2022.